Lee's story

Mossley Lee xx  former companion 140108

The main thing I needed when I came to Emmaus was the chance to sort my head out.

I’d had a tough year. I’d lost my job as a production engineer and, like so many others, I was struggling to find work. It all started to get to me and I started drinking too much and stopped paying the bills.

Eventually I was evicted from my home and went to stay with my sister and her partner. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out and I found myself homeless, staying at hostels and shelters around Coventry.

It was while I was staying at a hostel that someone recommended Emmaus. They explained that you had to work, but Emmaus would provide you with somewhere to live and food. It seemed like a good option for me and I went for it.

After eight months at Emmaus Coventry, I decided to move back to the North West to be closer to my two children. When I arrived at Emmaus Mossley one of the companions had just completed a Business in the Community course to help him to get back into work, so I asked to sign up too.

I completed the course, which included working on applications and interview techniques, as well as doing work experience. My work experience was in facilities management and at the end of my two week trial, I was offered a job.

For a while now I’ve been working in facilities management at a local school, but I’ve stayed on at Emmaus Mossley while I sort out somewhere new to live. That’s been great, giving me the chance to save a deposit for a flat and furniture for when I leave.

Emmaus has been really good for me. It's given me the chance to sort myself out, get my priorities straight and has even helped me to get a job. With their support I got my life back on track again.