Thursday 7 January 2016

Celebrating 25 years

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2016 is a landmark year for Emmaus Cambridge and the UK wide movement.

In 1991 Emmaus Cambridge welcomed companions into the Landbeach community for the first time, kick starting the work of Emmaus in the UK.

25 years on, not only is Emmaus Cambridge still thriving but the movement in the UK has grown; there are now 25 communities and 10 Emmaus groups providing a home, support and meaningful activity to some 700 companions.

Being homeless is not just about a lack of a roof, it’s much, much, more. Those who have been homeless often lose their self-confidence and feel isolated from society. 

Access to training for employment, education, support services and a place in society is so often denied to those who are on the street or vulnerable in some other way and Emmaus is very much about making that access possible.

For Emmaus Cambridge 2016 will not be just about marking its 25th anniversary;  homelessness and the issues it brings for those who experience it have not gone away and as a community we intend to do more.

  • We are aiming to provide an additional 10 rooms for companions and hope to start building in 2016;
  • We will enhance access to training and development opportunities, building on what we already do;
  • We will implement a Psychologically Informed Environment to help support companions; 
  • We will develop our social enterprises to maximise the opportunities we offer each companion and the community as a whole;
  • We will develop and expand our volunteer programme; and
  • Re-affirm our commitment to working with other communities across the world.

Our thanks go to you, our customers, supporters, donors and volunteers whose generosity over the past year has made it such a successful one.

There is of course much more we can and need to do, so with your continued support we can build on what has been achieved so far.

With many thanks to everyone and best wishes for 2016.

Steve Cook, Chair                      Diane Docherty, Community Director

On behalf of the Trustees, Companions and Staff of Emmaus Cambridge.