Tuesday 16 September 2014

Supporting our Preston colleagues

Emmaus Preston

On Saturday 27th September Emmaus Cambridge held a half price sale to support the Emmaus Preston community. Cambridge companions met Preston companions at the Emmaus Federation meeting and were so moved when they heard about some of the challenges facing the North Western community that they instantly offered to hold a sale to raise some much needed funds which raised £4,000 for them. 

Cambridge Community Leader John Gall is already helping the Emmaus Preston community by standing in as Community Leader there while they recruit someone to take them forward.  Preston’s Responsible Companion Dave said “We are enjoying having John with us and really appreciate the encouragement we have received from the Emmaus movement as a whole.  It makes us feel part of a very special family and we look forward to being able to use what we are learning to work towards making our community as good as Cambridge is!”