Tuesday 15 July 2014

Emmaus Cambridge container for Poland


On Saturday 26th July Emmaus Cambridge will be sending a container full of goods to the Emmaus community in Rzeszow.  Life can be hard for the Polish communities because they do not have access to the breadth and quality of donated items that we enjoy in the UK.  Emmaus is a big world-wide family and for several years we have helped the Polish communities. 

We could simply hold a sale and send money but we have discovered that it makes much more sense for us to pay for the shipping costs for a container of goods and for the Polish community to receive items to sell.  A container of goods enables the recipient community to earn in the region of £1,000 a tonne from what they receive in the container and enables us to prevent more items from ending up in landfill.

For the first time we will be loading the container from our warehouse in Waterbeach which means that the car park will not be filled with articulated lorry on a Saturday morning this time!