Tuesday 8 July 2014

Emmaus Cambridge supports Dover community

dover van

On Saturday 12 July Emmaus Cambridge held a special one-day Solidarity Sale raising £5,000 to support Emmaus Dover's quest to buy a new van.  Emmaus Dover needs a new van but does not have spare funds so appealed to the Cambridge community for help.  The communities already work closely together with Cambridge’s Deputy Manager John McGovern managing the Dover community while they recruit a new Community Leader so it was natural to try and help out.   

Emmaus Cambridge Community Manager John Gall said “Emmaus is like a large family and we didn’t hesitate when Dover asked for help.  We are fortunate here in Cambridge with so many different types of housing and such generous supporters but we know that life is sometimes tougher elsewhere.  A reliable van is essential for the type of work we do and we hope that people will help us to support our Dover colleagues.”

Click here for more information on Emmaus Dover.