Tuesday 18 March 2014

World Water Day


Emmaus Cambridgeheld a half price sale on 22 March 2014 as part of World Water Day, in an effort to raise money to build 360 latrines for people living on Lake Nokoué in Benin, West Africa and raised £5,000 towards the project.  

Emmaus Cambridge former companion and deputy community leader-in-training, Mark Boden, visited Lake Nokoué in 2013. He said: “Visiting Africa was an incredible journey for me, as we saw first-hand the work that was taking place to transform people’s lives for the better.

“However, what had a real impact on me, was knowing that the Emmaus project would be managed by the people themselves. Instead of us just coming in and giving money or goods, we were teaching them how to use the system, how to mend it and above all, why it was important for them to use things that we might consider common knowledge, like loos or sinks. It was all new stuff, but they were totally on board.”