Our trustees

We currently have nine trustees working to take forward the plans laid out in our Strategic Plan 2016-2020.

Courtyard, companions' accommodation block

Matthew Last (Chair)

Matthew Last has been a trustee since 2012. He is director of a local management consultancy and leadership development company and has a business development background. As a trustee he focuses on the business and social enterprise aspects of Emmaus Cambridge, including renewable energy, new business initiatives and, being a keen beekeeper himself, establishing hives in Landbeach.

Steve Boughton

Stephen comes to Emmaus Cambridge from a financial background as a Chartered Accountant with many years' experience and is working to build on the community's financial and governance foundations.  Emmaus Cambridge is the first charity he has been involved with and he is enjoys being involved with a charity he feels inspired by.  His personal interests include the theatre, cinema, fishing and golf.

Andrew Cornish

Andrew is a former GP with a wide range of clinical interests.  He also has experience of volunteering with Voluntary Service Overseas, living and working for a year in southern Ethiopia. 

John Dawson

John was co-opted to the board in March 2016 and appreciates working alongside trustees and being involved in the life of Emmaus Cambridge.

John Murphy

John has a background in the technology sector, having founded a number of companies one of which deals exclusively in the charity sector. His main area of expertise is in sales and marketing, Emmaus is the first charity he has been involved with. Using his knowledge and understanding as to how technology is transforming marketing and communications, he hopes to bring this amazing brand and cause to more of the general public's attention.

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