Dan's story


I was kicked out of my parents’ house when I was 17. I was involved with the wrong crowd at college, causing them lots of trouble and then I started smoking drugs. With nowhere to go, I ended up sofa surfing at friends’ houses.

I lived in a small rural town and really struggled to find somewhere to live. For three years I went from one sofa to another. Not having a roof over your head is a scary thing. You never know where you’re going to stay from one night to the next. You’re always on your phone - you’re relying on all these other people. Each day you have to swallow your pride and call the next person and ask “can I crash round your house for the night?” Sometimes none of my so-called mates would put me up and I had to just rough it for the night; it was really stressful and very frightening.

That all changed when I found out about Emmaus. I live at Emmaus Coventry & Warwickshire now and I’m part of the community here. I’ve gained a lot of driving experience since I came to Emmaus. Part of my role is picking up bulky waste from households all around the local area, as part of our contract with the Council. I’ve also been able to learn valuable customer service skills because I deal with the public so often; I’m very confident now at knowing how to approach different situations.

Emmaus has given me a purpose, a place I can call home and independence. I’ve rebuilt my relationship with my family and they‘re now proud of me. They’ve helped me get back on my feet again and move forward in my life; I’m excited for the future thanks to Emmaus.