Anabella's story

Anabella 3

I came to the UK in 2013 from Zimbabwe, and was staying with my son in Kettering.  Following the move we had a few family problems, which resulted in me moving to Scotland.  However, I just couldn’t seem to settle in Scotland and both the local council and Citizens Advice advised me to come back to Kettering because at least I had a family connection there.

 I went to Accommodation Concern in Kettering to see if they could help me find a place to stay, but they didn’t have any places for me and directed me to a shelter in Rushden.  I stayed at the shelter for a month before they referred me to Emmaus. At this point my relationship with my son was still not good.

Emmaus has been like a big family to me, I have been supported all the way through my stay here.  One of the best things they have helped me do is rebuild my relationship with my son. We get on so well now, and any holiday or breaks I get, I stay with him.  Emmaus has also helped me through recent health issues and when I am not feeling well, they are understanding and allow me time off to recuperate.

I am really keen to move on to live independently, however; it is proving difficult because I am not entitled to the same benefits as UK residents. This is also something that Emmaus are helping me to get sorted, so I am hopeful that soon I will be able to live independently.

I would recommend to anyone who finds themselves in difficulty like I did to come to Emmaus.  Without all the support and friendship from everybody here, I do not know where I would have ended up.