Martins' story

Martins at Salford

I joined Emmaus Salford in November 2015 and it has given me a new look at life. Before Emmaus I was staying at Narrowgate Night Shelter for four months. Before that I was on the streets in Manchester for a couple of months. I ended up there due to family disputes and not having anywhere else to go.

Emmaus Salford took the time to find out what I enjoyed doing, what skills I had and what I wanted to gain. As a result of this the community has given me the opportunity to apply for college and then to support me in finishing my course in music. They also managed to find me a saxophone from another community to help me progress in my course. I know that the community would have helped me apply for university if that is what I wanted to do as they helped me go to a university open day in London, arranging for me to stay at another Emmaus community.

At Emmaus Salford I mostly worked in the retail areas, helping with delivery and collections and doing work in the community such as house work, cleaning and kitchen jobs. Being part of the Emmaus community I enjoy the interaction with people, having a chance to chat with many different people. I also enjoy the work and learning something new all the time.

Being here I have gained more self-confidence and new perspectives on life. The companions here have become part of my family and I’m going to keep in touch with them when I leave. What advice would I give to future companions looking at joining Emmaus Salford? Be yourself, get ready to jump straight in because Emmaus is whatever you chose to make it.

I’m grateful for the opportunity that Emmaus offers people, for the chance to move to another community and I’m looking forward to starting the next chapter of my life at Emmaus St Albans. To all the people who support Emmaus I say keep up the good work – you’re helping us a lot and we’re really thankful for what you are doing. You’re keeping us running all the time.