Tuesday 19 December 2017

Stitched Up: Upcycled Mittens Tutorial

Mittens 20

In the third and final week of our Second Hand Santa challenge, Manchester based crafting group Stitched Up are bringing you a how-to on creating your own upcycled mittens using second-hand jumpers.

The Chorlton based collective is a not-for-profit co-operative made up of three women with the aim of encouraging individuality, pride and sustainability through their sewing and upcycling workshops, clothes swaps and sustainable fabric sales. 

Stitched Up offers upcycling and clothes repair workshops across Greater Manchester, for individuals and also for lots of other brilliant charitable organisations.

One of the charities the team are proud to work with is the Booth Centre - a day centre which provides help, hot meals and activities every day for those affected by homelessness. The Stitched Up team facilitate the weekly sewing sessions at the Booth Centre, and have a lot of fun coming up with creative upcycling projects to work on with everybody. The group have made all sorts of fabulous things from unwanted clothes and fabrics - including functional items like bags, pyjamas and bomber jackets, up to more experimental projects like the collaborative quilt made for the Manchester Sleepout this year.

At the moment, the Booth Centre sewing group are working on creating some upcycled hats, scarves and mittens from unwanted jumpers kindly donated to us by Emmaus Mossley. Over the past few weeks the group have turned out some fantastic knitwear.

They are pretty quick creations, so if you have a spare couple of hours and access to a sewing machine, then why not have a go at making some yourself?

Top tip: They work best (and are cosiest) with a felted real wool jumper, but you can use an acrylic jumper too, like Stitched Up have in this example.

You will need:
An old jumper
Sewing machine
Tailors chalk or pen
Mittens pattern - try this one

Step 1:
Trace round and cut out 2 x pattern pieces.

Make sure that you flip the non-symmetrical pattern pieces (1 and 2) when you cut the second one. 

This is so you get a mirror image for the second mitten.Otherwise you’ll end up with two mittens for one hand and none for the other!

Mittens 1a

Mittens 1b

Mittens 2 b

Mittens 3Step 2:
Cut the cuffs off at 15cm long.
Mittens 7

Step 3:
Now we’ll start constructing them, one mitten at a time.  Get pattern pieces 1 and 2. With right sides together, line up the little peak which will become the thumb of the mitten.

Mittens 7

Mittens 6

Step 4:
Pin together – from where the diagonal line starts, all round the thumb to directly opposite that point on the other side. Do the same with the other mitten.

Mittens 7Choose a zigzag stitch on your sewing machine.

Mittens 7

Stitch around the thumb where you’ve just pinned. Line up the raw edges with the edge of the machine foot as you sew. Repeat for the second mitten.

Mittens 7Step 5:
Now you can see the underside of the mittens coming together, the pattern should hopefully be making sense!

Mittens 7

Pin the thumb to the middle of the mitten to keep it out of the way for the next step.

Mittens 7Step 6:
Now take each of the undersides and place them right sides together with pattern piece 3. Pin all the way around.

Mittens 7

Stitch with a zigzag stitch.

Mittens 7Step 7:
Turn both mittens the right way out. Now they’re really starting to look like mittens!

Mittens 7Mittens 7Step 8:
Pin and sew around this raw edge.

Mittens 7Now turn up the cuff. Your mittens are done!

Mittens 7Mittens 7Mittens 7

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