Thursday 7 December 2017

Make your own Christmas Jumper

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In preparation for Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day, Emmaus UK challenged Cambridge knitting group, the Drunken Nitwits to create their own festive jumper for under £5 using second-hand items found in their local Emmaus charity shop. 

Inspired by the Oxford Drunken Knitwits, the Cambridge chapter is a fun, relaxed space for knitters and crocheters to come together with their skills to meet people and learn a few things along the way. 

The knitting group visited the Landbeach shop at Emmaus Cambridge to find items to decorate their jumpers with. The group's organiser Sam, said: 

The shop visit went beautifully. We were shown around by Beth and found lots of lovely bits and bobs to inspire us. We picked out some fab stuff to make our jumpers. 

Group member, Janna got really creative with her jumper and is sharing her techniques to get you in the festive spirit and inspire you to make your own Christmas jumper.


How to create your own Christmas jumper

 Step one:

Janna first crocheted red yarn around the neckline and the ends of the sleeves. Around the neckline she used a double crochet stitch, and a slip stitch around the sleeves.

Top tip: If the fabric of your jumper is fine, use a smaller hook than usual.


DSCF1711Step two: 
To add some sparkle to the jumper, Janna used tinsel found in Landbeach shop and wove it into the top using a tapestry needle and crochet hook. She curled the tinsel as you would curl ribbon on a wrapped gift.

Warning: It does break quite easily, so instead of using scissors, Janna ran the edge of her nail down along the strands until they curled.

20171125 191937Step three:
I then attached the baubles and bow using string. The baubles were attached with a needle and thread, making sure to leave plenty of thread to let the baubles hang rather than stick out.

DSC 0863DSC 0864DSCF1713All money raised in Emmaus charity shops goes directly back into running of each Emmaus community and supporting companions to rebuild their self-esteem and move on with their lives.

There are currently 29 Emmaus communities across the country, supporting more than 800 companions in the UK. In addition there are four Emmaus groups, all of which are working towards setting up an Emmaus community in their area. Emmaus aims to offer 1,000 companion places by 2020.

Inspired to make your own Christmas jumper? Visit here to find your local Emmaus shop and pick up some Christmas bargains. 

To find out more about the Cambridge Drunken Nitwits, visit here. 

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