Sunday 3 December 2017

Make your own Christmas Reindeer


My name is Margy, I'm from Litherland and have been involved with Emmaus Merseyside since 2015. I was made to feel so welcome at the community from the first day I arrived and I have met a lot of lovely people along my journey who have inspired me so much.

Back when I started I was unemployed and felt that I needed something to help build my confidence back up. I took part in a course run by the Jobcentre and for the two-week work placement I chose Emmaus Merseyside. I decided I wanted to stay on and support Emmaus so I started volunteering.

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I started off by doing bits in the Charity Superstore and workshop because I love making things and fixing furniture. I helped with cleaning donated items and some customer service, but I much preferred to be in the workshop.

One day the manager asked me if I wanted to make a reindeer out of wooden logs and that's how it all began.

I have recently shown companions and volunteers the process of making the reindeer - they have really enjoyed it and are very eager to make them.

The reindeer creations are very popular with customers in our shops and we get a lot of demand from customers who order and purchase them every year.

Christmas Reindeer 
Time to make: 60 - 90 minutes depending on size
Skill level: Intermediate 
reindeers2Materials Needed:
Wooden drill bits
Glue gun & glue sticks
2 logs (body & head)
5 branches (legs & neck)
2 twigs (antlers)
2 bobble eyes
Bobble nose or red marker
1 piece of tinsel/fern(tail)
1 black marker (mouth)


Put the larger log that will be used for the body in a vice. Drill two holes each end of the log at a slight angle. The holes at each end should be at least two inches apart. These holes will be for the reindeer legs.

Release the log from the vice, turn over, tighten vice up. Drill one hole at either end of the log, in the centre of log. These holes will be used for the reindeer neck and tail. 

Using your glue gun, attach four branches into the four leg holes and let it dry for five minutes. 

Take the smaller log that will be used for the head and put it into vice. Drill one hole at one end of log on a slight angle and release from vice.

Turn the smaller log over and tighten in the vice. Drill two small holes in the opposite side of the log two inches apart. These holes will be used to attach the antlers.

Using your glue gun, attach the twigs into the two holes.

Give your reindeer some personality by gluing the eyes and nose onto the log, and draw a smile onto the face of log.

Finally glue the last branch into the one remaining hole in the head and glue the neck into one of the holes in the top of the body.

For some festive cheer, glue tinsel into the last remaining hole left on the top of the body so it resembles a tail. 

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