Monday 24 October 2016

Homelessness Reduction Bill Lobby


On Wednesday nine companions and staff from four Emmaus communities and Colin Ross from Emmaus UK travelled to the House of Commons to lobby MPs about the Homelessness Reduction Bill.

Companions from Emmaus Gloucestershire, Emmaus Greenwich, Emmaus Oxford, and Emmaus Lambeth, joined myself (Colin) from Emmaus UK to meet MPs at the Mass Lobby. At the Lobby they sought to discuss their experiences and ask them to support the Homelessness Reduction Bill. They met with five MPs, most of whom pledged to attend the debate.

Other Emmaus communities, that couldn’t attend the mass lobby, have either already met with their MPs in the constituency or have written to them asking them to support the Bill when it receives its Second Reading on Friday 28th October.

Proposed by Bob Blackman MP and supported by homelessness charities, the Bill could transform the help available to homeless people in England. Sadly, the law as it stands means that homeless people who approach their council for help can be turned away. Many Emmaus companions have experienced this themselves, and understand better than anyone why the system needs to change.

It is important as many MPs attend the debate and vote for the Bill, due to Parliamentary procedure, if fewer than 100 MPs attend the debate, the bill could be blocked, making support from MPs critical. There is still time to lobby MPs to attend the debate, you can do so by clicking here.

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