Wednesday 27 January 2016

My downhill fundraiser begins

Nicholas at Emmaus Leeds

Hi, my name is Nicholas and I'm a companion at Emmaus Leeds. This year I'm gearing up to ride my mountain bike downhill for two worthy causes.

I have decided to do a charity fundraiser that combines my love for mountain biking with a desire to support two causes that I feel passionately about. I will be competing in four downhill mountain bike races throughout 2016, one of which will be the North West Downhill Mountain Bike Championship.

I’m aiming to complete all these races in one piece and place as highly as possible. My fundraising goal is £1,500 which will be split 50/50 between Emmaus Leeds and Leeds Flood Relief Appeal (organised by Leeds Community Foundation).

Emmaus supports people who have experienced homelessness by
providing them with a home and meaningful work in a community setting. I have directly benefited from Emmaus Leeds and I’m really keen to give something back and support the great work they do.

It is a personal challenge but after being homeless and part of Emmaus Leeds, I have more awareness about the homeless tragedies that go on around us. I want to give something back to the charity that has supported me, and to the wider Leeds community affected by the winter flooding. It’s really sad that people have been left homeless due to the flooding at no fault of their own.

Whilst working at Emmaus Leeds I have been saving up to buy the bike I will be competing with and also my safety equipment. Emmaus UK kindly matched the money I raised through the Companion Training Fund - a pot of money that companions can apply to, to assist with training and personal development. This bike will enable me to pursue one of my passions, have fun, get more healthy and complete my fundraising challenge.

I have set up a page on fundraising site JustGiving. Please check it out for updates and if you want to support me and can spare a few pounds, please do donate at

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