Monday 20 July 2015

A day in the life of Geoff

Geoff 2

At around 8:30am I attend a meeting with the whole community, where we discuss the rota, small notices and any visitors to the community.

After the meeting I set about helping companions get ready for the day ahead, including preparing food and making sure they know what jobs they’re doing.

By 10am I usually have several support sessions booked with companions. We use these sessions to set goals, note down progress in their personal development plans and identify solutions for any problems that may arise during our discussions. Each companion’s needs are different, so ideas can range from joining the gym to training opportunities or attending college.

Next up, the most important part of the day is lunch, as it’s a time when staff, volunteers and companions can get to know each other better.

During the afternoon we often receive visits from homeless people, who come to see what Emmaus is about and if they feel it would work for them. Unfortunately, we often get too many applications for the spaces we have available and although we would like to, we can’t accommodate everyone.

When it gets to 4:00pm I could be preparing for talks that are coming up -  I recently spoke about Emmaus to a former girl guides club. Or I might be checking referrals and contacting potential companions.

5:30pm is the end of the day and time for dinner. After this, it’s my chance to take a nap after a long but rewarding day.

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