Thursday 5 June 2014

Sweepstake captures colleagues' imagination

London 2 Brighton Gary Spicer Charles Russell fundraiser 140604

General office assistant Gary, 46, one of our fabulous fundraisers from solicitors Charles Russell, took on three major challenges for Emmaus this year. Here’s a quick run down of how it all went:

“I recently completed the London2Brighton challenge, the third of my three fundraising events, and finally, a week or two on, my legs are recovering. What has really helped me to bounce back is the sheer amount of sponsorship coming in, so a huge thanks to everyone who put their names down and is now paying up.

Emmaus UK London Marathon 2014 Gary Spicer Charles Russell 140605

I have managed to collect a fantastic £2300, which is not bad for going for a couple of runs - which were just a little 13-miler, in the Paddock Wood half marathon in March - and the London Marathon, back in April.

Both of those gentle warm ups went surprisingly well, as I managed to complete the half marathon in a reasonable time of 1hr 42min, and despite an incredibly tender Achilles tendon, marathon day was not the embarrassing hobble around the streets of London I had feared. At 4hr 17mins I breathed in the totally amazing atmosphere and had a great day. Despite a really tough final five miles I still managed to finish in front of the man in the diving suit, so I was pleased!

And of course, a few weeks ago I took a  nice stroll in the countryside, completing 100km or 62 miles in the London2Brighton walk, of which two thirds was off road, just to make it that bit harder….or should that be more enjoyable, I’m still not sure.  

Emmaus UK London2Brighton 2014 Gary Spicer Charles Russell

The sweepstake I set up seemed to capture the imagination of quite a few people at work who were keen to guess at how long it would take me to walk from London to Brighton, and congrats to my colleague Zani Polson who was spot on by predicting 17 hours and 20 minutes. I think I might give myself a few weeks off now, but I would encourage anyone out there thinking about racing, walking or even staggering around a sponsored event, to get up off the couch and go for it.

You can still donate to Gary’s justgiving page – and if you do fancy taking part in an event for Emmaus UK – just drop us a line.

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