Tuesday 20 May 2014

A broken finger never stopped anyone

Emmaus UK Jane Brockman supporter from Charles Russell 140520

Charles Russell legal secretary Jane Brockman wouldn't let a little thing like a broken finger stop her fundraising for Emmaus UK. Here she lets us in on a few secrets to successful triathlon training:

"I have always liked sport, but haven't always found the time to fit it in. Swimming was probably my first love, having competed at club level many moons ago, in my early school days. I also enjoy off-road cycling and karate, although I haven't been able to take part for a while after gaining a broken finger in training. After I hurt my hand, I decided to try and be more active in other areas.

When I saw the Brownlee Triathlon advertised as ideal for first timers, and  having watched the Brownlee brothers at the Olympics during London 2012, I felt inspired to give it a go. Despite my love of sport, I do find training tough. However, I also like to challenge myself. Running is what I find hardest, and problems with my Achilles tendon mean I’m constantly working to strengthen my calves.

What I like about triathlon is the fact there are three disciplines, meaning such a variety in the types of training that will benefit me. As well as working on my weakest discipline of running triathlon training also includes both pool and open water swimming, road cycling and mountain biking, as well as working out in the gym.

So far, the toughest part of events has been cold water and hills. On the first triathlon I did I'd got used to training in relatively warm water, but the water on the day was a chilly 11 degrees which affected my breathing, as I needed time to acclimatise. Open water is quite different to swimming in the pool, firstly there is the temperature, but then when you get in, it can take some getting used to putting your face in and not being able to see anything in murky water. It can be quite unnerving! There is also the difference in swimming in a wetsuit, rather than a costume.

Getting used to murky water can be tough

My season this year started with an Aquathlon on 6 April, which involved a 400m pool swim followed by 5km run.  This was quite a challenging event for me having only swam once in the six weeks leading up the event following my broken finger at karate. The hills and the soft ground in the running section were a real eye opener, although the route finished with a lap on the track, so I did attempt at a sprint finish on the home straight.

I decided to raise money for Emmaus as they do great work in giving long- term support to homeless people by providing communities and jobs to help them build new lives. I have made a good start to my fundraising so far, with the total standing at £245, and you can still show your support on my Justgiving page, it'd be much appreciated.

As well as the five triathlon events I have already dedicated to Emmaus, I have a busy summer ahead, raising more funds for them and other charities. I’ll be taking on four open water swims, the Pretty Muddy Race for Life, Triathlon Pink, and a Stilettos on Wheels mountain bike event.

I’m pretty sure there are still spaces for all of these, so why not join me and give it a go, raising funds for Emmaus?"

If you’d like to take part, just contact our fundraising team and they'll send you out all the info you need.

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