Thursday 17 April 2014

Carried along on a feelgood wave

Village Carlton Stu White with medal 140414

Jelly babies are the way forward. I’m not sure that I’m going to be able to give them up now that I’m back in the shop after running the marathon.  I was straight back on duty again on the shop floor, even though I could hardly walk. I needed my sneaky energy boosters - they certainly helped me get through 26.2 tough miles.

Village Carlton jelly babies 140417Of course I’m just kidding – actually I feel great. I keep reliving the marathon in my head and of course, all the customers coming in want to hear all about it.

To reach my fundraising total I made a bit of a spectacle of myself by running on a treadmill in the middle of the café. Of course everyone knows that now I’ve done the marathon and they want to hear the full story.

At the time I felt like I was putting everyone off their lunch, but thanks to their kind donations I’ve very nearly hit my £1500 target. That’s partly thanks to the other companions who voted to put £250 into my sponsorship pot, a really generous thing for them to do.

aaVillage Carlton Stu White steve josh 140414webI cannot begin to describe what the day was like. The London marathon is the biggest marathon in the world – and it felt like it. The weather was perfect - though perhaps a little too warm as I ended up getting sunburned shoulders – and the atmosphere, oh wow. I was carried along on a feelgood wave.

I had nine companions come down to cheer me on, as well as my mum and stepdad and my cousin. You know what, though? Although it was amazing that they were all there, at the time I was just so happy to be with all the other people who were trying to achieve the same thing as me – the rhinos, the bananas, the little old ladies.

If I saw someone struggling I would shout ‘Come on mate, you can do it’ and when I heard a big crowd of supporters cheer for someone else running next to me, I got an instant lift too.

I saw men and women crying, both in the crowds and while they were running along – of course my mum wept buckets – but even when people were really hurting, the tears seemed like happy tears. The feeling of crossing that line is truly amazing – getting your little shiny blanket and your medal, just unreal.

I absolutely, 100 per cent, recommend that other people should have a go at running the marathon for Emmaus. Seeing those landmarks, seeing the crowds four or five deep, seeing people on their doorsteps as you run past their houses…..I’ll never forget any of it.

I’ve filed it all in my brain, to bring out and look at. On those tough days when I feel like I’m not achieving what I should be, I can always look at my medal and remember how great it felt to be part of something so huge.



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