Wednesday 18 May 2016

Emmaus Barnet recycles more than 100 tonnes of furniture

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Emmaus St Albans, has recycled and sold a staggering 100.3 tonnes of furniture through its high street shop in Barnet, which opened its doors in August 2014. 

Emmaus in Barnet supports the Barnet Borough recycling programme and the North London Waste Authority in trying to reduce the amount of recyclable and reusable goods that have been going to landfill.

The Barnet Store manager commented “Local people have been really supportive of what we are doing helping local people experiencing homelessness. The quality of the donations we receive means that we have been drawing customers from right across North London as news of us spreads. This week we are focussing on retro items which are always very popular.”

The Emmaus shops specialise in the re-use of quality furniture, electrical items, along with home and garden products.  Members of the public can donate items by dropping them off at the shop, or use the collection service for larger items.  Some of the furniture on sale at Emmaus has been lovingly refurbished or up-cycled by the formerly homeless people the charity supports, known as companions, in our St Albans Emmaus community workshop.

Emmaus is not about giving hand-outs, it’s about providing an opportunity for each individual to work to overcome homelessness. This approach has been proven to produce long-term, sustainable results and for many, who have been stuck in a cycle of homelessness, offers the support they need to overcome their difficulties.

To find out more or support Emmaus Barnet head to

If you would like to get involved or donate an item, please call 020 8440 8342 or visit Emmaus Barnet (part of Emmaus St Albans) 11 High Street, Barnet, London, EN5 5UJ 



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