Wednesday 12 September 2018

Almost 5,000 people sleep rough - together we must do more to help

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Rough sleeping has increased by 169% since 2010 and, according to government figures, 4,751 people are sleeping on England’s streets every night.  We expect this number to increase still further when the next rough sleeper count is conducted this autumn.

Sadly, street homelessness is just one aspect of the current crisis. Over 78,000 households were accepted as homeless last year and were added to housing waiting lists. A shortage of social housing and the lack of affordable private rents mean that an increasing number of local authorities are having to place families and individuals in temporary accommodation. This includes bed and breakfast rooms with shared cooking and toilet facilities.

Homelessness may not seem as pressing an issue during the summer months but it remains at crisis levels. 

One thing is certain, Emmaus must do more to help people who are homeless or at imminent risk of losing their home - and we simply can't do it without you. 

Please help us be there when people need us most.

Could you spare a gift today to help Emmaus give more people like Wayne the care and support they deserve?

Wayne used to have a stable home where he and his wife were bringing up a family.  But when his 20-year marriage broke up, he moved into rented accommodation with his son.

Things might have worked out for them both were it not for Wayne losing his job and suffering two family bereavements, all in the same year. He struggled to cope emotionally and was finding it impossible to make ends meet. Wayne had to rely on food banks and often went without eating himself so he could feed his son.

Wayne eventually fell so far behind with his rent that he was evicted. Although they didn’t want to be separated, Wayne’s son went back to live with his mum and by a stroke of luck, Wayne stumbled across Emmaus Preston and was offered a place in the community.

Wayne admits that, after all that had happened to him, his head was in a mess when he first came to Emmaus. We were able to give him the time and space he needed to get things back into perspective and begin rebuilding his life.  

Working in the community’s social enterprise restored Wayne’s sense of purpose. In fact, he ended up running Emmaus Preston’s Deepdale Warehouse, as well as taking courses in warehousing and distribution, first aid and money management.

Emmaus also did its best to help Wayne maintain his precious relationship with his son. During the year that Wayne was living at Emmaus Preston, his son was made welcome in the community when he visited from time to time.

We're pleased to say that Wayne has now got his life back together and is sharing a house with his new partner. The work and training he did in the community also helped him to secure a good job with a large retailer so the future looks bright for them both.  

Like so many people who find themselves homeless, several unfortunate events in Wayne’s life happened in a short space of time. It made him extremely vulnerable and he felt lost and alone. What he needed was support and understanding, as well as some time to pause, reflect and regroup.

 In short, he needed Emmaus.

There are many more homeless men and women who urgently need our support right now; they have nowhere to turn and they feel abandoned and ignored. 

We think you'll agreed that we simply cannot turn our back on them, especially when we know that, with your support, Emmaus can help more people get back on their feet - just like Wayne has done.

Please send a donation to help today if you can. We will be grateful for any amount you can afford. Your gift will help to give people who are in crisis a home, meaningful work and the personal, long-term support they struggle to find anywhere else. Call us on 0300 303 7555 or donate here.

Thank you. 


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